Prince Jay

holding out until i can be with my king again. 17/white/trans man/gay as heck.

You’re like the Peyton Manning of baby throwing.

—A Nat 20 on a baby throwing roll. (via outofcontextdnd)


GM: The room is suddenly filled with light. You see 5 skeletons.

Mage: Alive?

GM: … skeletons.

Ah yes, the two most devastating of elements; fire…and orcs.

—Party member after hearing that the castle town is under siege by orcs and fire (somehow unrelated)  (via outofcontextdnd)


Rogue: (to DM) “That actually happened, right? There wasn’t anything weird in that food at that tavern?”
DM: “It did indeed happen. Your half-orc barbarian managed to diplomacy-check the party out of a fight.”


"Yuval silently appreciates all the butts."

—Player of Yuval, walking at the back of the party.

Previously on Supernatural


DM: “Okay, time for an official recap of everything up to this point…”

*laptop starts to play Carry On My Wayward Son*

“…So previously in this campaign…”


"I’m just gonna assume you rolled ‘I’m a bear’ for strength."